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The condition of not being threatened, especially physically, psychologically, emotionally, or financially. (Wiktionary)

At Personal Space, the security of you and your belongings is important to us. To accomplish this goal we employ a variety of technological and common sense measures.

Your security starts with you, our customer. You are given a passcode when you initially rent a unit from us. This unique code identifies you and allows you and only you access to both our facility and your individually alarmed unit or units. If your code ever becomes compromised, please drop by the office and we will give you a new one.

We record the arrival and exit of all persons using the facility. If you ever notice something amiss, let us know. If you can pinpoint the approximate date or time it will allow us to easily determine who was on the grounds or in the area of your unit.

If you ever need access to your unit, outside of our normal hours, please give us a call to make arrangements. Unauthorized after hours entry, will normally result in a visit with the sheriff.

Parking lot cameracenter parking camera from above

Parking lot camera.                   Center Parking Camera (above)

Office1 office 2

Office cameras

Walkway camera 

Walkway camera (1 of 18)

left monitor

Left MonitorRight monitor

Right Monitor