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Feedback and Review

Obviously, the simplest way to comunicate a compliment or a concern with us personally is to leave us a note on the contact page. But sometimes that just doesn't seem like enough. You want to just get up on the roof tops and shout out to the world. Fortunately with the internet that is actually fairly easy to do. And here is the best part; We will effectively pay you to do so.

Here is how:

Go to any web site that accepts reviews, coments or listings for self storage facillities. Find our listing or add one for us. Add your comments, review, or rating, as appropriate to our listing. Once your review or comments have been posted send the complete URL to us via our contact page. Make sure you have in some way identified yourself. I can't give a discount to "anonymous."

We will give you a $5.00 discount ($10.00 for an extensive effort) off your next month's rent. Just to clarify, we are paying for the review not the slant. Even negative coments will still qualify for a discount.


You can post as many reviews as you want, however we will only credit you for one per month and only one time per domain (ie. Each review submitted must be unique, don't just post the same stuff to ten sites.

This is supposed to be fun. If it's not fun, don't do it. Hey, it's only 5 bucks. To help you get started I've looked up some potential sites. Even if you don't post anything, it's fun to read what others are saying.

Review sites: