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Deals and Discounts:


We all like to save a little money now and again. Some of our competitors offer initial "get 'em in the door deals" and then charge 10% to 15% more every month there after. Most storage rentals are for 6-10 months or longer. Thus this kind of offer is a good deal for the storage operator, not so good for the customer.

Our discounts are based on the simple premise, you save us money and we will pass the savings back to you. Seems Fair.

Military (10%):

Active duty military can save 10% off their storage rental each and every month. To quailfy for this discount you must waive your rights under 50 USC ยง 535 (Service members Civil Relief Act 2003). This relieves me of the obligation to get a court order prior to auctioning off your stuff due to failure pay. If you plan on paying your bills, You might as well save the 10%

Long Term (save a month):

Some times you know up front that you are going to be here for awhile. Pay for 11 months in advance and get the 12th month free.


Web Discount:

This web page must be working; otherwise you wouldn't be here. Tell me how and save.
Print this coupon, fill it out and bring it in: marketing

Review ($5.00):

Maybe you love us; maybe you hate us; but it really doesn't mean much unless you tell some body.
Do an online review and save $5.00. Click here for details: Review